[Bug 10821] i18n comment 17 : setting input and textarea element direction through browser UI should set the dir attribute and trigger oninput event


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(In reply to comment #30)
> (In reply to comment #29)
> I think the idea of using "input" is so that generic form validation code or
> autocomplete code will re-run if the direction changed. It seems more likely
> and more effective to check for form control contents changing using the
> "input" event as opposed to mutation events. So if an event is going to be
> reused, "input" probably makes more sense. On the other hand, a new event may
> be ok as well, since many Web apps will not look at the dir attribute anyway.

This justification for using the "input" sounds good to me, although of course
I would be ok with a new event too.

I would hate to have to rely on a mutation event. DOM2 mutation events have not
been interoperably implemented, and are currently deprecated in DOM3.
Specifically, DOMAttrModified has not been implemented in WebKit and it is
generally unclear whether DomAttrModified is supposed to be triggered on
attribute changes done via the browser UI, not via script. As for
DOMSubtreeModified, while it is implemented in WebKit, it only seems to be
triggered by the initial addition of the dir attribute, but not when its value
changes. Furthermore, it has not been implemented in Opera.

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