[Bug 11211] Need a way to force a line wrap with the bidi semantics of LINE SEPARATOR when necessary.


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> The right way to capture non-semantic line-breaking copied from another medium
> is <pre>, aka Preformatted.
> But a valid use case would be poetry, where line breaks are semantic but soft
> breaks are appropriate. I would be interested in hearing other use cases as
> well, though.

The example I gave is a current issue I am developing now. I need the text as
HTML as I want it as copyable text. Using <pre> is possible but then I guess
the DOM would treat the whole text as a single element where my application
would prefer to work on one element for each line.

The other use case is for web applications - the situation is theoretical but I
believe will be real as more web applications support bidi. e.g. an email
application that shows the first line of an email then reveals the rest on
pressing a "more" button. Predicting where to truncate a long string in a web
app is a bit hit and miss - so it is safe to overcompensate. But once the rest
of the paragraph is revealed I would not want words to magically appear on the
first line. So: Imagine something like this..

| FROM: John MESSAGE: Dear John, Dont be hard on yourself,     |
|                     <more...>                                |

And clicking on "more" would reveal the rest of the lines of the email..

| FROM: John MESSAGE: Dear John, Dont be hard on yourself,     |
|                     give yourself a break, life wasn't meant |
|                     to be run, the race is over you won.     |

The "give" would fit but now needs to be wrapped to the next line. Assuming the
paragraph contains mixed bidi text a <br> would break the correct ordering.

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