[Bug 11206] Presentational tag [font,b,u,i] CANNOT be removed for many reasons. Three scenarios very good scenarios: 1. HTML5 Mobile sites with BlackBerry8xxx and 9xxx support 2. HTML5 Emails 3. Legacy content 4. Injected legacy content via iframe/scripts 1) Producin


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Just to reiterate: the spec says that you cannot use <font>, as an author.  It
also says what <font> must do and says that all browsers must render it as
expected.  So your pages will work correctly in any HTML5 user agent, as well
as in Blackberries, forever.  The validator will report them as non-conformant
HTML5, but you can ignore that if you want.  (Unless your clients also demand
conformant HTML5.  In that case you'll have to inform them that their
requirements are contradictory.)

So basically the spec just says that conformant pages cannot use <font> or <u>,
but they are still defined and will continue to work forever, they'll just make
HTML5 validators complain but will otherwise cause no problems.  Is this okay
with you, or is your point that you want the validator not to complain, or to
only raise a warning, etc.?  If you want that, then this is a duplicate of bug
9355, which is WONTFIX.

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