[Bug 10809] i18n comment 3 : new attribute: submitdir


--- Comment #37 from Aharon Lanin <aharon.lists.lanin@gmail.com> 2010-11-03 23:00:11 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #36)

You are right! It would be nice to make such improper use of bidi formatting
characters invalid.

One way of defining it might be something like "A document containing text that
includes the characters LRE (U+202A), RLE (U+202B), LRO (U+202D), RLO (U+202E),
or PDF (U+202C), or their corresponding entities, is invalid if it would be
invalid with all LRE, RLE, LRO, and RLO characters replaced with a <span> tag
and all PDF characters replaced with a </span>."

I can file a separate bug if you like.

However, as stated above, this would not have much impact on this bug.

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