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[Bug 9081] Confusing alt text in the fourth The Lady of Shalott example

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The presence of an image is indicated to users of screen readers such as JAWS

   *** Medieval Nights ***
   image: Painting of a woman in a white flowing dress, sitting in a small
   Join us for our medieval theme nights every Friday at 
   Boaters Bar,on the riverside, Kingston upon Thames.

So it would not be confusing at all. A majority (70%) of screen reader users in
a recent survey (http://www.webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey/#images)
indicated their preference to have an image described even "If an
image is used solely to enhance the mood or feel of a web page."

While I myself would recommend that in the majoriety of cases such images have
an empty alt, I cannot say that if an author does provide such alt text that it
would be non-conforming in HTML5. What I will do though is provide more
examples of such content and in what cases it would be strongly recommeneded
that alt="" be used over a non empty alt.

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