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[Bug 8747] Defining how a license applies to elements

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--- Comment #2 from Toby Inkster <mail@tobyinkster.co.uk>  2010-02-12 10:06:34 ---
Not entirely sure why this is a11y-related.

However, the HTML+RDFa draft (and in XHTML, the XHTML+RDFa Rec) provides quite
a simple solution.

    <a rel="license" href="licence-uri">...</a>


    <a about="thing-uri" rel="license" href="licence-uri">...</a>

Where thing-uri is the thing being licensed. So, if you wish to indicate the
licence of an image:

    <a about="foobar.jpeg" rel="license" href="licence-uri">...</a>

Or, if you have a paragraph of text on a page that needs licensing:

    <p id="chunk">...</p>
    <a about="#chunk" rel="license" href="licence-uri">...</a>


Microdata is also able to provide a solution, though I think RDFa's is somewhat
more elegant in this simple case.

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