[Bug 8892] HTML5 editor should propose changes within email list


--- Comment #4 from Sam Ruby <rubys@intertwingly.net>  2010-02-07 13:20:45 ---
I'll postulate that the reaction to the changes is addressing a symptom, but
not the underlying problem.  My observation is when an edit is made in an area
related to a Change Proposal that is under active discussion, but that change
itself is not accompanied by an email describing the intent and thinking behind
the change (was it a baby step?  is it thought to address the entire issue? 
why was this particular approach instead of the one proposed by the change
proposal?), then people are left to discover the change, and many tend to react
to the change based on their worst possible fears of what might happen.

My suggestion is that instead of focusing on the timing of the edits, we should
focus on the lack of communication.

We should also make it clear that such changes to editor's drafts are
provisional, and do not, in them selves, constitute Working Group Decisions.

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