[Bug 8238] Add support for X3D


--- Comment #26 from Don Brutzman <brutzman@nps.edu>  2010-02-02 16:44:39 ---
We have solicited first-person interest from different UA vendors with little
feedback so far.  Further dialog is welcome.

We have closely examined the Mozilla Minefield and Apple Safari /Google Chrome 
Webkit implementations.  We have further created a plugin-free implementation
that works with each codebase for compound HTML/X3D documents, using an HTML
script that invokes a WebGL library to parse embedded X3D.  This open-source
solution is documented and demonstrated at http://www.x3dom.org

We are prepared to go beyond this, to develop and contribute code that
integrates an open-source X3D player directly with these HTML UA browsers. 
This would appear to provide the native capability in three browsers.  We
further remain keen to collaborate with Opera and Microsoft.  Of additional
technical interest is that this aproach might be repeated for a DirectX-based
renderer, or even a different shader-based renderer such as Google O3D.

Given that 3 or more major HTML user agents might be demonstrated capable of
handling centralized extensibility of X3D in HTML5, this commitment seems
sufficient to handle this important requirement.

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