[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element


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> (In reply to comment #45)
> > Perhaps you will file a bug againt HTML5 to make it legal? ...
> It is legal both HTML4 and XHTML1.

Another solution is to use <object> elements - then the <map> element is
permitted inside the <object> and thus "within" the image:

<object role="image" data="image" type="image/gif" usemap="#map"
aria-labelledby="map" >
 <map id="map">
    Mum and dad visiting.
   <a href="longd-description">long descript</a>
  <area href="full-size" shape="rect" coords="0,0,100,00" alt="Full size link"

Of coures, then you will say "but object, it doesn't work with  ... " 

I'm not sure, btw, if the kind of description link you suggest here really is
covered by the semantics of @longdesc.

I think, thus that to create a photo album which also works for blind, require
much more than @longdesc. It requires that you think through the whole user
experience of the album.

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