[Bug 9887] parsing algorithm should allow HTML content in MathML <annotation-xml>


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--- Comment #12 from David Carlisle <davidc@nag.co.uk>  2010-08-18 10:08:15 ---
the bug was marked as won't fix  with a request for additional use cases. 

It's hard to know where to start as the currently specified behaviour is so
counter-intuitive and unusable it is impossible to think of any use cases where
it would be desired. The following is a personal reply although it is likely
that the Math working group may also make a request for this to be fixed (if
that proves necessary). I would expect that the SVG group would have the same
concern as presumably SVG's foreign-element is similarly broken presently.

annotation-xml is designed to allow structured annotation of parts of the
expression. the default rendering is empty, but of course scripting or other
technologies might make the annotations visible either all the time, or on user
action. In an HTML+MathML context HTML is perhaps the _most likely_ language
that might be used for annotations, however this is unusable as currently

I have added a small file as a typical use case example.

The attached file shows the same mathml expression first with each subterm
annotated by an "unknown" element <zzz> this all works as expected, the mathMl
renders correctly (in Firefox 4 beta 2) and its view source shows the DOM is as
expected, matching the tree implied by the markup.

the second example in the file shows the same example but this time annotated
using html <div>. Here the MathML fails to render correctly at all (in Firefox
4 beta 2) as the html annotation has forced the closing of the math element so
the majority of the expression is no longer inside <math> Firefox's view
selection shows the following DOM fragment


      <annotation-xml><div>the value</div></annotation-xml>


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