[Bug 10202] use of "codecs" parameter


--- Comment #4 from David Singer <singer@apple.com>  2010-08-18 08:04:05 ---
RFC 4281 applies to all files in the ISO base media file format family, as
clearly stated at the end of section 3.1 and the beginning of 3.2:

"This document only defines values for files in the ISO Base Media File Format
family.  Other file formats may also define codec naming.

3.2.  ISO File Format Name Space

   For the ISO Base Media File Format, the first element of a Codecs
   parameter value is a sample description entry four-character code as
   registered by the MP4 Registration Authority [MP4-Reg].  Values are
   case sensitive."

video/mp4 is one of these formats, and therefore the example is correct.

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