[Bug 10230] Decisions need to be made in timely manner


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> > Or, if the burden on the co-chairs is too
> > much, then the Decision Process will have to be changed in order to lessen the
> > co-chair impact on the Decision Process critical path.
> Proposal?

The first proposal would be to add a couple of more HTML5 spec editors. Right
now, the count of bugs is heading towards 400. When the editor does a "blitz"
on the bugs, which he did once before, he doesn't give the appropriate
attention to the bugs, nor work to resolve problems. Instead he seemingly 
arbitrarily makes decisions, and provides little or no rationale for the

These actions end up generating more issues, which the group no longer has time
to resolve. These actions also generate more contention, which the group
definitely no longer has time to resolve.

Secondly, the co-chairs need to set deadlines for actions, and stick to them.
In fact, all issue actions need to have deadlines, and should be adhered to. Of
course, problems happen, and time conflicts occur, but as a general rule,
deadlines should be taken seriously. 

Thirdly, I would recommend that the HTML5 co-chairs bring in individuals from
outside the working group to help with working group decisions. There are too
many for the co-chairs, and I also can't help thinking that fresh perspectives
would be beneficial to the process. And spreading the work out a bit could also
help ensure more timely resolution.

Fourth, the group needs to be re-activated, and people re-engaged. Compare the
august email postings this year with past years. No, the dearth of interest is
not because all the problems have been resolved. Thankless task or not, it is
the responsibility of the co-chairs to ensure momentum continues in the group.

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