[Bug 9602] That autofocus attribute will wreak security havok. What an ignorant idea to bring more logic to HTML. I think I know a couple of ways to abuse it, since it actually is some sort of flow control, which only scripting languages should be capable of. I hope


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> So maybe the solution here is to say that autofocus should not work when
> scripting is disabled?

Anne, that is an excellent question. 

According to SGML (Generalized markup) that idea entertains the first

1. Markup should describe (declare) a document's structure and other
attributes, rather than specify the processing to be performed on it, as
descriptive markup 
needs be done only once, and will suffice for future processing.

I just finished a paper on HTML5:
where I talk a bit further about these specific elements that have been
assigned to perform procedures instead of solely having a declarative

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