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--- Comment #3 from Oscar Godson <oscargodson@gmail.com>  2009-06-12 19:08:11 ---
This is not a good idea at all. It's a nice concept but for a valid HTML tag,
not so good.

1. NSFW is an opinion & why would it be not safe for work, but it'd be safe for
at home? A picture of a naked lady is not going to go over well at home either
for many people. The name would need to be changed as it doesn't actually make
sense semantically.

2. Hiding content should be left to CSS only. If not, this can and will be
abused beyond belief.

3. Why would we add NSFW if we haven't added or even thought about
<lol>,<lmao>,<wtf> or <oh>. NSFW is Internet slang along with those.

I'm not opposed to the idea of marking content, but it should be done in a
semantic way such as using attributes.

For example, <div content="pornographic"> or <img content="violent">, or even
<a content="language">

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