[Bug 6774] <mark> element: restrict insertion by other servers


--- Comment #17 from Nick Levinson <Nick_Levinson@yahoo.com>  2009-07-15 10:08:36 ---
A feature of the proposal is that internal searches would still be supported
with the mark tag. If a website has its own search engine, the user's search
string could be applied within the website to a script which generates or
regenerates a page to highlight the words being searched for.

Because the search engine is internal, supporting the script will not require
giving the rest of the world similar support.

If the search function appears to be internal but is actually external, viz.,
run from another server by a different owner, similar script support can be
agreed on between the original site owner and the search engine owner by which
the contracted search engine sends the search string to the original website,
the owner of which may apply the string to support a script. The agreement
could even allow the engine's firm to apply mark tags itself if the original
site owner agrees.

Yahoo's, Google's, and kindred search engines -- even when the search field is
on the original site's pages -- would not be able to do this without the
original site owner's consent, if, as I understand their operation, the search
field only sends the search string to the external engine which then operates
like a standard search engine, because it does not let the original site copy
the search string first and generate pages for the user. And I think Google,
and probably Yahoo, avoid pages that are generated after a search.

Engines offering site-based search boxes with paid offsite processing might
offer such realtime data-sharing so owners can generate pages responding to



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