[Bug 7076] Client-side image maps attributes missing on the a element


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--- Comment #8 from Leif Halvard Silli <lhs@malform.no>  2009-07-12 03:22:13 ---
So, currently this bug has been marked as "resolved" for the wrong reasons:
Giovannis's test case was wrong (using @id instead of @name). Thus we have at
least two /current/ interoperable implementations: Firefox and Opera. 

In addition to that, we have some supporting implementations that were current
a few years ago: IE5 for Mac and iCab 3. Thus we have probably previously had
at least 4 interoperable version. (Which nullifies Michaels argument that HTML
4 should not have included this.)

Also, reading the Microsoft documentation, it actually says that shape/coords
works on <a> also (since IE6). OK, it doesn't work, but there were many things
that did not work up until IE8, and hence there is hope that they could fix
this in IE8.1, I think.

Further, Google Doctype documents better IE script support for shape in <a>
than in <area>:

With regard to Webkit, then it is just quite buggy. For instance, it doesn't
support image maps that uses OBJECT instead of IMG elements - it is generally
very buggy w.r.t. OBJECTs. 

I also share Giovanni's view that <a> has many advantage over <area>, including
accessibility advantages.

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