[Bug 7075] The embed element should be deprecated


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> > - users of accessibility technology
> Could you please elaborate? (Plug-ins are themselves responsible for being
> accessible.)

Plugins are not responsible for that, their responsible for rendering the
embedded content, which is most of time not accessible.
Flash, for example, are not accessible to users with screen readers (you cannot
syntethize the content of a flash animation), users with color disabilities
(you cannot limit yourself to red/blue while designing), users with motor
disabilities (there is no tab-index or access-key), etc. Java can be even
worse, being completely generated by imperative code.
Video is an other example: most video formats don't provide appropriate
captioning content. This is one of the reasons a <text> element was proposed
for HTML5 video.
Music is a third example: if an user can't hear, having a rendered audio plugin
in a page can be disturbing, I imagine. And you cannot of course expect that
.mp3 includes the lyrics in text format or that the mp3 browser component tries
to infer the words from audio analysis (it is difficult to understand them by
humans, can you imagine an automated algorithm?).

As such, it is often disabled by such users, and because of this and the
existence of more accessible alternative solution, embed should be obsoleted /
deprecated / made non conforming.

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