[Bug 5802] No mention of %uXXXX escapes


--- Comment #5 from Philip Taylor <excors@gmail.com>  2008-06-26 14:07:31 ---
As far as I can see, no browser handles %uXXXX in a special way - the real
issue is that

  <a href="?x%25y%z w">

on http://example.com/ resolves as "http://example.com/?x%25y%z%20w" (in IE6,
FF3, O9.5, S3), i.e. it does not percent-encode the lone "%".

If I understand HTML5 correctly, it currently says that should become
"http://example.com/?x%25y%25z%20w" instead (since the lone "%" does not match
the <query> production).

That means that HTML5 says <a href="?%u1234"> resolves to "...?%25u1234", which
breaks servers that expect the UA to resolve it to "...?%u1234" instead.

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