[Bug 5803] HTML5 serialization is not compatible with XSLT


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--- Comment #16 from Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz>  2008-06-26 10:13:47 ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I think the HTML output mode of XSLT has a far bigger problem than the doctype:
> It is designed to work with XSLT programs that output elements in no namespace.
> However, especially with MathML and SVG support, it makes sense to write the
> XSLT programs to output elements in the (X)HTML, MathML and SVG namespaces so
> that the decision whether to serialize to XML 1.0 or HTML5 doesn't leak inside
> the XSLT program and is isolated to the serializer.

But how many users is going to use MathML and SVG? I don't think it should be
possible to generate every possible valid HTML5 document with XSLT, but it
should be possible to generate at least one valid HTML5 document with current

> I think the right way to proceed is to avoid using the built-in serializer of
> an XSLT processor (until XSLT processors are updated to support HTML5) and to
> take SAX events out of the XSLT processor and stick a SAX-to-HTML5 serializer
> between the XSLT processor and the output stream.

But this doesn't work with every plain vanilla XSLT procesor. Of course, many
advanced XSLT processors allow you to specify your own method and corresponding
serializer, but this solution is not portable.

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