[Bug 5773] Authors need more control over handling of linked resources


--- Comment #32 from Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>  2008-06-25 12:16:53 ---
> So, percent encoding the url of a file and providing target='_download' would

...percent-escaping the UTF-8 encoding of a file name...

> provide complete international support then right? Adding a separate filename
> attribute or an optional _download('filename') might provide authors with more
> flexibility to create a default filename different from the resource’s served
> filename, but it would not be required for l18N support? I'm asking because I'm
> still trying to understand this issue.

Yes, I think that's correct.

> And again I want to reiterate, that I'm not proposing this because of a
> deficiency in rfc 2231 support, rather I think we need support for this in HTML
> itself independent of HTTP solutions.

Understood. I just think UAs should support RFC 2231 *first*, before focusing
on new stuff (2 out of the 4 major UAs get it right, after all).

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