[Bug 5773] Authors need more control over handling of linked resources


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> (in reply to comment #22 and #21)
> I think a target='_download' would probably be a decent solution. I'm not as
> clear why authors need control over the filename (either in http disposition
> headers or here). I can see why an email MIME part needs to attach filesystem
> metadata to an included file since there's no other place for that metadata.
> However, in the case of http or other URL-based delivery, all of that
> filesystem metadata is available already. The issue of providing a different
> filename might be a nice enhancement, but hardly a necessity.

The only available information for the filename would be the URI. That isn't
sufficient in all cases, as:

- the URI namespace may not be defined in a way that allows exposing the
filename (such as, when using numeric identifiers),

- there's no reliable way to map non-ASCII characters (we can't rely on
non-ASCII characters to be encoded in UTF-8)

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