[Bug 5744] Improved Fragment Identifiers


--- Comment #40 from Erik Wilde <dret@berkeley.edu>  2008-06-22 01:20:23 ---
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sorry to be so nitpicking, but i think this is important, and thus want to make
things as clear as possible. i think it is important because there is no
example here where fragment identifiers were actually defined outside of the
language spec; in html4 they are in the spec, and for xhtml and xml,
technically there are no fragment identifiers defined at all.

> - RFC 2854 currently defines fragment identifiers for text/html, based on the
> HTML 4.01 spec 

rfc 2854 does not define fragment identifiers, it mentions them and points to
the html4 spec, where they are defined:

"For documents labeled as text/html, the fragment identifier designates the
correspondingly named element; any element may be named with the "id"
attribute, and A, APPLET, FRAME, IFRAME, IMG and MAP elements may be named with
a "name" attribute.  This is described in detail in [HTML40] section 12."

i don't think this is particularly well-written, but i think it shows that the
actual definition is part of html4.

> - RFC 3236 currently defines fragment identifiers for application/xhtml+xml,
> based on RFC 3023 (XML media types)

the text in section 3 is a bit confusing. it points to rfc 2854, but does not
say whether this means that this mechanism also applies to
application/xhtml+xml, but probably not (that's how i read it). it then points
to rfc 3023, mentioning xpointer.

btw, rfc 3023 does not define any fragment identifiers, it simply points (in a
clearly non-normative way, i would say) to the (at that time) ongoing
development of xpointer.

what this means to me is that for application/xhtml+xml resources, html
fragment identifiers (at least the ones to a/@name, */@id would be covered by
xpointer in theory, but that is not really specified in rfc 3023) don't work.
is that intentional?

> - There's also NOTE-xhtml-media-types-20020801 which probably should be updated
> when HTML5 is ready

this one does not say anything about fragment identifiers at all.

it seems to me that the issue that technically, html4 fragment identifiers are
not defined for the application/xhtml+xml media type, may just be an oversight.

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