[Bug 5744] Improved Fragment Identifiers


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> ...
> there is no other spec for fragment identifiers. there is the old html4 spec,
> where it is an integral part of the spec. there is xpointer, which is
> unfinished and has been designed for xml. other than that, there is nothing
> that could be referenced. if it is decided that fragment identifers should be
> improved in html5, it must be described in html5. if they should stay as in
> html4, this also must be said in html5 (or its media type registration).
> ...

Actually, there are, both in IETF land (for text/html and
application/xhtml+xml), and in W3C land:

- RFC 2854 currently defines fragment identifiers for text/html, based on the
HTML 4.01 spec 

- RFC 3236 currently defines fragment identifiers for application/xhtml+xml,
based on RFC 3023 (XML media types)

- There's also NOTE-xhtml-media-types-20020801 which probably should be updated
when HTML5 is ready


The question is whether it's in scope for us to update these specs (and yes, I
think it is). 

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