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--- Comment #14 from Rob Burns <rob@robburns.com>  2008-06-20 12:36:29 ---
If this bug could be solved by RFC 2231, MIME Headers or HTTP Headers, than I
might be inclined to agree that it is not necessarily an issue of concern to
the HTML WG. However, the currecnt draft often does touch on similar such
issues that are probably not the concern of the HTML WG. So there is some
precedent on Julianís side here.

Having said that, I don't think this bug at can be addressed by RFC 2231, MIME
headers nor HTTP headers. Rather authors need a way internal to HTML to alter
the normal disposition (to borrow the term from RFC 2231) of a resource.

In comment #4, list item #1, Julian said what I would say: that is authors do
not ant to always rely on the skills of users to provide an easy link for
download of a resource. HTML should provide a way to do this. Not that the
normal use of the content-disposition header provides an equivalent approach
within a multi-part MIME document. The author shouldn't have to rely on the
settings on the server or even require write-access to the resourceís directory
just to provide a downloadable link. Also, its common for authors to provide
links side-by-side one for download and one for loading in the browser window.

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