[Bug 5752] Parsing should be specified for future updates


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>>  1) find tags with a solidus ("<tagname ... />") where there are also
>> corresponding close tags ("</tagname>") for each. 

> See the first example I gave. And others like http://www.ldcf.net/ with the
> same issue.

Yes, I saw that in that page, but I didn't see how it was being used. Usually,
you've been sampling about 8 or 9 thousand pages, but you didn't say what the
sample size was here. Presuming it is sample size of 7,000 sites, and we found
two sites with some tags using the solidus on unnown elements that is a result
of 0.0286% of pages that would break. However, these sites would break very
little unless they also make use of CSS, XSLT and DOM calls that rely on this
non-standard use of tags. So far we found zero percent of pages that have
significant breakage from treating a solidus in unknown tags as implying a
self-closing or void element. Also it looks to me that these two pages also
make liberal use of the solidus when they clearly mean to imply a void element
(such as "<meta ... />"). So both of these pages’ authors already caonsider the
solidus an indication of self-closing elements. What they mean by "<place
.../></place /> is anyone’s guess.

In any event, I do not think we should be tailoring the HTML5 specification to
the needs o less than 3/100ths of a percent of content by page count and an
infinitessimal percentage of content by actual implications. With the update of
UAs to support HTML5 parsint, these page authors will hear about the parsing
and rending problems (if any surface) and make the corrections to the pages. If
there is actually another specification out there calling for the use of
non-void tags (with the use of a solidus boolean attribute?!) of the sort: 1) "
<country-region w:st="on" />", 2) "<place ...>", 3) "<city... />", then we
should get in touch with the authors of that specification and find out what
they were thinking.

BTW, you may have been referring to other tags that I missed. In the future it
would be good for everyone using bugzilla to provide more than a link, but also
include some relevant pasted material from the relevant page (especially since
these pages may not always be there).

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