[Bug 5753] parsing issues with legacy UAs


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> So regardless of legacy UAs and just focussing on HTML5 UAs: 
>   How would a UA serialize the DOM tree I gave in the above comment #2 example
> in a way that could be parsed into a HTML5 text/html processor without loss of
> data?

That is one of the well known differences between HTML and XHTML, and we are
very much constrained by our backwards compatibility design principle.  It is
not possible to represent all possible documents in each of the three
representations: HTML, XHTML and DOM. This is even mentioned in the spec.


Unfortunately, we just have to accept that this is not something we have the
luxury of being able to fix in all cases.

There is also a section discussing the content model restrictions that apply to
the HTML syntax.


Note that although the specific example of UL inside P that you gave isn't
mentioned in that section, it probably should be and that appears to be a bug
in the spec.

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