[Bug 5754] List elements content model issues


--- Comment #2 from Rob Burns <rob@robburns.com>  2008-06-14 11:13:21 ---
(In reply to comment #1)

>>  * authors cannot mix definition list items with non definition list items a
>> the same hierarchical level 

> Please explain what use case you are trying to address.

Primarily this is meant to address the bullet you didn't reply to and provide
greater flexibility for authors. Some have proposed including a DI (definition
item) to solve this problem, but there is not reason we cannot simply use the
existing LI element to provide sufficient semantics for definition lists.
Likewise there is no reason a user or UA cannot fully comprehend the semantics
conveyed by <ol><li><dt>...</dt><dd>...</dd></li></ol> and meet the needs of
authors. Similarly, this provides authors with even more flexibility if we
broaden the content models accordingly.

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