[Bug 5744] Improved Fragment Identifiers


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--- Comment #5 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>  2008-06-14 08:57:00 ---
It's relatively easy to show that a feature is necessary -- provide evidence
that people are working around the lack of the feature. If they're not, then
the feature probably isn't necessary. This isn't really that much of a
judgement call -- it's usually pretty clear when a feature is missing or not.

If the XPointer work was abandoned, that's even more evidence that this kind of
thing isn't especially wanted. If you think it's needed, I'd say the best way
forward is to reopen that work item. That's independent of HTML5 -- it should
work regardless of the markup language, be it HTML, SVG, or whatever.

I'm marking this WONTFIX again. Please don't change the resolution (as it
breaks the issue accounting mechanisms I have in my workflow), unless you have
substantial new information that I've missed (in which case simply reopen the
bug). Please don't reopen the bug without adding substantial new information or
pointing clearly to what information I have missed. If you disagree with my
conclusion but don't think I've missed any information, please raise the issue
with the chairs, so that they can determine whether to override me. Thanks!

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