Re: Stepping back as W3C HTML spec co-editor

thanks for all your work Silvia!



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On 2 November 2014 03:13, Silvia Pfeiffer <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just a quick note that I won't be able to find enough time to remain a
> co-editor of the HTML5 spec and am stepping away from the role.
> I'm not even sure if that is an official role continuing forward in
> the module-based approach, but I wanted to make sure that people don't
> rely on my editorship from here on.
> I have been fortunate to contribute to the final steps of taking HTML5
> to Recommendation and congratulate the WG on this achievement.
> My personal contribution was mostly two-fold:
> 1. I wanted to make sure that we continue to build on the excellent
> work done in the WHATWG and patch only where necessary, and
> 2. I wanted to make sure that the media element related parts
> (including track) are in prime shape for interoperability between
> browsers.
> I believe we've done pretty well on these fronts.
> I wish the WG success in working towards the next version of the spec.
> I believe the proposed module based approach will be an interesting
> experiment.
> It has the potential to make it easier to keep on top of changes to
> subparts of the spec that one is keenly interested in.
> It also has the potential to marry testing to the changes, thus
> inherently tracking interoperability of implementations.
> I will remain a WG member, so you'll continue to see me around
> expressing my opinions.
> Best Regards,
> Silvia.

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