RE: Resolved needsInfo/wontFix bugs tracked by TF

Jay Munro wrote:

“”Bug 11342 [1]  was closed as it was said to be addressed by the extended
Textmetrics features. While the Textmetrics feature it was referring to was
removed from CR spec for lack of implementation, we could reopen and assign
to the Canvas 2D Context level 2 spec if the existing Textmetrics extended
features [2] don’t cover it.”


Thanks Jay, appreciate your help.


The bug is currently marked as resolved, but we’ll need to close it in any
case. On a TF call it was agreed that rather than re-assign existing bugs to
new components/products, we’d open new bugs and reference the original
(closed) bug from there.


If you think there is merit in this issue being looked at further, could I
trouble you to open a new bug against Canvas 2D Context L2 and reference bug
11342 from there? If you could then close bug 11342, that’ll be the last of
the Canvas bugs needing review off the radar J



The Paciello Group.

Received on Wednesday, 22 January 2014 18:19:52 UTC