Re: is role=menubar NOT for navigation menus.

Hi David,

I think what they are saying is that it should not be used when you have a
site navigation region:

<nav aria-labelledby="foo">
<h1 id="foo">Site Navigation</h1>
<a href="xxx">WAI-ARIA Home Page</a>
<a href="zzz">Janina's accessibility corner</a>

Really a menubar is a sequence of menu items, most of which cause a
submenu, to be rendered.  menuitems perform an action. With these types of
widgets you are trying to categorize and hide functions until you are ready
to use them.

I think the authoring practices should change as I agree with the person.

Here is the WAI-ARIA definition of a menubar:

Great to hear from you! Will you be at the PF face to face in Toronto?


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	01/14/2014 04:59 PM
Subject:	is role=menubar NOT for navigation menus.

Hmmmm... I may have answered my own question

The PF best practices doc seems to talk about a links menu freely in this



Hi Rich and Janina, et al

I'm addressing a bug filed in the Using WAI-ARIA in HTML 5 document.

It is suggesting that menubar not be used on link navigation menus because
the spec says it is for role=menubar should act like windows and Mac
applications menus that have a selection of commands.

A lot of accessible navigation menus have added that role=menubar, with
menuitems on mega menus etc... Apparently not making a distinction between
navigation menus application menus.

I wonder if there is anybody around who was sitting in the meetings when
they were writing up that document. If so would you say that was the
intention of the PF at the time, to limit the menubar application type
functionality rather than the menubar for navigation functionality? I'm
planning on adding a section to the document that discourages using menubar
on navigation menus. But want to ensure that that was really the intent of
the PF team when they wrote that section.

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