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A couple of corrections. Dragon NaturallySpeaking misspeaks



Hi Steve


I've done some testing with a simple image.



It is a simple image inside the figure tag with placeholder text in the


   -Jaws with Internet Explorer and Firefox: : it read the text of the
figcaption but did not announce a figure and did not recognize that there
was a graphic on the page. The Jaws key "G" to read the next graphic does
not work because Jaws does not appear to recognize as a graphic. 


   -NVDA with Internet Explorer and Firefox: it read the text of the
figcaption but did not announce a figure and did not recognize that there
was a graphic on the page. The key "G" to read the next graphic does not
work because NVDA does not appear to recognize it as a graphic.


   -Safari in Maverick: does not recognize the figure element and just says
“group”, then an empty image and the text afterwards as if it was a
paragraph as if there was no relationship between the legend and the


-Aviewer and IE: screenshot below...   I guess it shows up as a group the
image has not reported Accname. So API seems to only report the content of
the figcaption when the figcaption as focus.


Discussion: I'm really struggling to figure out where I stand on all of this
because the ways things are being reported right now in a Windows
environment does not really allow the screener user to even know that there
is a figure there. It just reads a text of the figcaption without announcing
that it's a figure. In Safari it does announce as a group. It's hard to tell
when the group ends. It just simply has a graphic without an alternative and
then the next time the person arrows down they get the figcaption which
doesn't appear to be a programmatic association except for the word “group”
before the item. VoiceOver screen reader users will have to get themselves
acclimatized to this new type of group. But all in all I'm quite
disappointed with the way it works. It almost seems like this belongs in
that larger discussion about accessible names and alternative text. Right
now it seems there's more success with some of the other nonstandard
alternatives than with figcaption. Which makes it difficult to say this is
okay and the others are not. I'm really committed to unity between HTML5 and
WCAG, but reticent to create a technique that is sufficient using figcaption
right now. And I'm wondering what others think.





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Hi Jon, you have asked me this question before :-)




HTML 5.1 <> 


On 13 January 2014 14:54, Gunderson, Jon R <> wrote:



What are the proposed accessibility API mapping for FIGURE and FIGCAPTION


Is the FIGURE the same as an IMG element, where FIGCAPTION has the same role
as the ALT attribute?





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On 13 January 2014 11:42, Alastair Campbell < <>> wrote:

I seem to remember there was a big discussion about whether @alt should be
required for HTML5, which is a similar issue. I'm not sure what the outcome
was, has that been decided and written down somewhere?


there is one case where an alt attribute is not required:





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