Teleconference Minutes for 21 March

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                                                                                   - DRAFT -

                                                                 HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

21 Mar 2013


   See also: IRC log


          Janina, +aaaa, Michael_Cooper, chaals, John_Foliot, Judy, +1.415.285.aabb, hober, Cynthia_Shelly, [IPcaller], leonie, David_MacDonald




     * Topics
         1. identify scribe
         2. outstanding action items
         3. wiki upkeep
         4. longdesc next steps
         5. face to face agenda items?
         6. translateable attributes in HTML
         7. subteam reports
     * Summary of Action Items

   <trackbot> Date: 21 March 2013

   <Steve> very late regrets I have a conflciting call with client apologies

   <Steve> I will be available on skype if you need me for anything

   <Steve> available on IRC I mean...

   <scribe> Meeting: HTML Accessibility TF

   <scribe> scribe: janina

identify scribe

   OK, I'm scribing, Zajkim!

   <chaals> scribeNick: Janina

outstanding action items



   <chaals> RESOLUTION: Close ACTION-22 as outdated

   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-136 due in two weeks


   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-89 due in 4 weeks


   <chaals> CS: THink it is done

   <chaals> CMN: If it isn't, I will chase it.


   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-144 due in 1 week


   <chaals> JF: There were 2 proposals about where to place a transcript element. THought this might go to survey but then got plan-2014. Remains open.

   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-148 due in 1 week


   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-148 due in 2 weeks


   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-154 due in 2 weeks


   JF will send a second note

   <chaals> JF: Sent reminder, should follow up since nothing seems to have happened.

   <chaals> RESOLUTION: ACTION-155 due in 1 week

wiki upkeep

   cmn: Wiki has grown stale
   ... We need to bring it back up to date -- This means all of us
   ... Any volunteers?

   jf: A list of what needs doing?

   cmn: Not at this stage. One thing is to look at what's out of date

   leonie: I can do that

   <chaals> ACTION: Leonie to tell us what is outdated in the wiki [recorded in]

   <trackbot> Error finding 'Leonie'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.

longdesc next steps

   cmn: We're published!
   ... We have an editorial and a technical bug ...
   ... The bug respects idl in dom, if attrib changes it's unclear what happens
   ... We need to be clearer about what happens
   ... Please file any bugs
   ... Current plan is that we need to wait 90 days post publication
   ... We hope to have LC ready by June 9
   ... Then we wait another 60 days
   ... We could prepare implementation report during LC, and be ready to express through CR

   jf: Offering to help on testing implementation

   cmn: Other question is any enhancements to longdesc
   ... Personally not interested to do that with this version
   ... If something overtakes this, that's OK, but I'm inclined to get this one done before taking up further dev

   <chaals> JS: We know ARIA is going to look at something in this area, so people should take part in that dicussion...

face to face agenda items?

   janina: Also, ARIA next plans similar but enhanced functionality

   cmn: No separate room available, but only formal space available for scheduled PF and HTML meetings

   <chaals> JS: On agenda for PF is ARIA 1.1 - could look for a mutually good time for describedAt / longdesc++ discussion.

   janina: We can schedule the PF ARIA-DescribedAt discussion to allow HTML folks to participate

   cmn: F2F for HTML is April 23-24; for PF it's April 24-25

   jf: Discussing browser implementation of controls might be a useful conversation
   ... Also transcript

   cmn: We could perhaps meed Friday afternoon, as Web Apps will adjourn at Lunch

   David, it's in San Jose.

   See the PF meeting page for additional info ...

   <chaals> ACTION: chaals to figure out how to talk about transcripts and controls at F2F [recorded in]

   <trackbot> Created ACTION-158 - Figure out how to talk about transcripts and controls at F2F [on Charles McCathie Nevile - due 2013-03-28].

   cyns: Would like to take time on HTML Mappings doc

   <chaals> ACTION: chaals to see if there is time and people to talk about HTML mapping [recorded in]

   <trackbot> Created ACTION-159 - See if there is time and people to talk about HTML mapping [on Charles McCathie Nevile - due 2013-03-28].

   <chaals> JS: Sooner is better for knowing if we can meet friday afternoon

translateable attributes in HTML

   cmn: Steve has started a discussion on attribs where text content would be translated, e.g. alt
   ... longdesc is not inherently translatable
   ... But, ARIA attribs should be in that list
   ... Please continue discussion in the thread on list for this

subteam reports

   leonie: Bug Triage is reviewing, monitoring, and trying to get folks to respond!
   ... Sent email to TF list, not sure what else we can do

   cmn: What about bug by bug action items?
   ... Tracker is useful that way
   ... Nothing special to institute this, just start opening actions!

   <chaals> js: Media planning to meet again soon.Have media user requirements doc that PF is moving to publish as a note. Have received comments, thing the subteam is
   the best people to respond to them, so need to agree on some.

 next step is to find a meeting time, hope for early april.

 comments are publicly visible (there was some confusion about that)

   janina: Media will be meeting in April to discuss several issues, including responding to comments on User Requirements Accessibility do

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: chaals to figure out how to talk about transcripts and controls at F2F [recorded in]
   [NEW] ACTION: chaals to see if there is time and people to talk about HTML mapping [recorded in]
   [NEW] ACTION: Leonie to tell us what is outdated in the wiki [recorded in]

   [End of minutes]

Found Scribe: janina
Present: Janina +aaaa Michael_Cooper chaals John_Foliot Judy +1.415.285.aabb hober Cynthia_Shelly [IPcaller] leonie David_MacDonald
People with action items: chaals leonie


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