Re: Consensus on longdesc change proposal

Hi Steve, Silvia, Leif, and all,

Silvia wrote:
>> Thanks, Laura, for making some of the changes that I suggested.

You are welcome.

>> I believe from recent discussions that ARIA specifies no such thing,
>> but just that this is just the way in which screenreaders have
>> implemented support for aria-describedby.

Steve replied:
> it is not the way screen readers have implemented aria-describedby, its they
> way that it has been implemented in browsers.

Steve, can you suggest text for this bullet on ARIA [1] to make it
more accurate?

Leif, if I recall correctly I think you suggested the text for that
bullet. Would you be okay with adjusting if it is not accurate?


Best Regards.

[1] "aria-describedby kills off links: ARIA 1.0 specifies that
anything that aria-describedby points to is presented to the user as
if it occurred inside an attribute. Hence, if aria-describedby points
to an element which is - or contains - a link, the link will be
completely dead - the AT won't even inform the user about the link

Laura L. Carlson

Received on Thursday, 26 May 2011 13:12:34 UTC