Re: Concerns and unaddressed issues for the HTML 5 specifications

Adding info to the thread for the item assigned to me:

The WAI-ARIA section change is A11Y-ACTION-112, HTML WG Bug 11891 I don't see that
there's an issue in the HTML tracker for this.


Paul Cotton wrote:
> Can you please provide an updated version of this that links each
> point to outstanding HTML WG bugs and issue numbers?
> /paulc
> For the WAI-ARIA section 3.2.7 in HTML 5:
> A section needs to include text on the syntactic processing of ARIA
> role, states, properties. (Note: Michael Cooper has an action item to
> provide this text. All the text but the role attribute was created at
> the HTML Accessibility Face to Face in San Diego). This was an action
> item for entering CR and a defect was opened in HTML 5.


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