Concerns and unaddressed issues for the HTML 5 specifications

We were given a to-do to provide this to the PF group.

There are a number of concerns and unaddressed issues that need to be
addressed that need to be included as notes in the specification:

For the Canvas 2D API spec:

1. This API does not yet provide the ability to supply an assistive
technology with the bounds of a drawing object on the physical canvas bound
to canvas elements in the canvas subtree. To do this properly the
specification needs to provide clickable canvas regions, representing the
canvas element in the subtree. This would mean the inclusion of hit testing
capability in canvas that would bind pointing device events retrieved from
the canvas drawing surface to the canvas subtree.

This could appear in the "status of this document" section.

2. drawFocusRing needs to be separated into separate functions to separate
the concept of focus rings and the drawing of visual points of regard for
managed children. Also, a defect exists whereby an author can choose to use
canDrawCustom when no system setting is provided for how the ring should be
drawn and author will be allowed to draw a focus ring without driving a
magnifier. (Note: this issue was raised with the chairs, the additional
information was provided but not discussed)

3. A text baseline needs to be added to the textMetrics. (Note: the chairs
asked for more clarification on what textMetrics were provided,  the
additional information was provided but not discussed). The revised text is
provided in the updated change proposal.

For the WAI-ARIA section 3.2.7 in HTML 5:

A section needs to include text on the syntactic processing of ARIA role,
states, properties.  (Note: Michael Cooper has an action item to provide
this text. All the text but the role attribute was created at the HTML
Accessibility Face to Face in San Diego). This was an action item for
entering CR and a defect was opened in HTML 5.

Rich Schwerdtfeger
CTO Accessibility Software Group

Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 22:43:09 UTC