RE: Request to Reconsider ISSUE-30 Decision

On May 15 the HTML WG Chairs announced [1] a Last Call Decision poll [2] to move six of the HTML WG specifications to Last Call.  This poll closes on May 22.  WG members can vote Yes, No, Abstain or submit a Formal Objection separately for each of the 6 candidate specifications.  

The Chairs recommend that the participants in the "text alternatives" subgroup of the A11Y TF that endorsed the Resolutions mentioned in your note reflect their views in the Last Call Decision poll.

The Chairs also encourage ALL HTML WG members to participate in the Last Call Decision poll so that the poll reflects the maximum number of opinions in the HTML WG.

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Subject: Request to Reconsider ISSUE-30 Decision

The HTML-A11Y Task Force supports the change proposal for longdesc prepared and stabilized by Laura Carlson at:

Also, please see our "Call for Consensus" email at:

The Task Force believes that this change proposal properly addresses critical accessibility requirements for longer length descriptions of graphics, while also addressing objections previously raised against longdesc. We request that this change proposal serve as the basis for reconsideration of the ISSUE-30 decision in the HTML-WG. The Task Force notes its support of this proposal in the following resolutions logged at:

	The Task Force supports the Issue 30 Change Proposal at:

Because the Task Force also strongly believes it critical that longdesc support be included with any last call HTML publication, it has further reached consensus on the following:

	The Task Force supports a Formal Objection escalation should it appear that HTML last call is to be published without the longdesc as in our supported proposal



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