RE: Moving longdesc forward: Recap, updates, consensus

> Hi Laura,
> The overall length of that document is I think a concern (if printed on 8.5 
> X 11 paper it runs 15 pages long), which is why Steve and I had discussed 
> working on a more succinct version earlier this spring.  I would suspect 
> that a very terse, striped down Change Proposal (a "one-pager" or 
> "Executive 
> Summary") would be easier to digest, with referring links pointing to the 
> wealth of evidence that support the basic assertions:
> {first pass follows}

Your text was very short - 3000 chars roughly. However it would 
certainly reach 6000, when you place it in the Wiki and all references 

Before discussing a new text, would it not be interesting to see if 
Laura could shorten her text via the suggested means - namely by moving 
stuff to sub pages ?


Received on Thursday, 5 May 2011 21:14:37 UTC