Moving longdesc forward

Hello everyone,

The latest longdesc spec text is at:
Many thanks to Benjamin for this. Does anyone have suggestions to
improve that spec text verbiage? I am wondering if  we should add the
words "in a device independent manner" to the end of the sentence
"User agents should allow users to access long text alternatives."

Last weekend I worked on User Agent rendering longdesc spec text based
on text Benjamin supplied. That draft is at:
Does anyone have suggestions to improve it? Ideas for improving
verbiage, images, or the longdescs on the images themselves are all
welcome. Chaals, the first example is based on tellmemore. Is it okay?

Janina, in January you said that you would like to work with me on
perfecting the longdesc change proposal.
That would be greatly appreciated. Some of us  have been working very
hard on it. But I am awaiting your input. I did insert a section for
figcaption as I didn't receive any text from you.
Is that section okay?

We  have worked on the use cases, collaborating with Geoff on writing
the etext use cases and Leif on a newspaper/lightbox use case. Chaals,
John, Leif, and quite a few others helped with the earlier ones.

Many thanks to the many task force members who have reviewed the
proposal and offered concrete suggestions to improve it.  Does anyone
have further specific suggestions?

It would be good to streamline the document, perfect the verbiage, and
especially get the spec text settled.

Thank you all very much.

Best regards,

Laura L. Carlson

Received on Tuesday, 3 May 2011 12:27:01 UTC