OT (was RE: hit testing and retained graphics)

Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
> What about Adobe Flash in this area? Adobe Flash is used for many of
> the same use cases that canvas is used for. Is Flash more accessible?
> How do they do it? Is Flash prohibited because it's not accessible?


> On a side not: I'm wondering if in the majority of cases we may be
> trying to achieve the impossible. For example, you may try as hard as
> you want, but you will not achieve it that a blind user will be able
> to drive a car with nothing but machine support. Even with the best
> technology that will communicate what is happening around them, it
> will be impossible to provide a description of the visible environment
> sufficiently timely to make it possible/safe to drive without seeing.
> What is our solution for the impossible situation?

Never say never. Or as Ian Hickson is fond of reminding everyone, "Things
that are impossible just take longer"...


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