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08 Sep 2010

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     * Topics
         1. Identify Scribe
         2. Actions Review
         3. Update re: User Requirements Status; Intro at HTML-WG Telecon
         4. Technical Requirements Prioritizations and Dependencies:
     * Summary of Action Items

   <scribe> agenda: this

Identify Scribe

   <scribe> scribe: janina

Actions Review

   action-52: close

   <trackbot> ACTION-52 Create a prioritized list due 30 august notes added

   action-53: closed

   <trackbot> ACTION-53 Find location for ncam extended description demos notes added

   <trackbot> If you meant to close ACTION-53, please use 'close ACTION-53'

   <silvia> close ACTION-53

   <trackbot> ACTION-53 Find location for ncam extended description demos closed

   <silvia> close ACTION-52

   <trackbot> ACTION-52 Create a prioritized list due 30 august closed

   re action-54 still requires confirmation, held over

Update re: User Requirements Status; Intro at HTML-WG Telecon

   <JF> seems my call failed, I am logging back in

   js: issues with voip presentint last week, user reqs rescheduled for this week
   ... also, html-wg strongly invited to consensus around our user reqs, so that we will not confuse discussion of them
   with technology solutions as we move forward.


Technical Requirements Prioritizations and Dependencies:

   jf: is this the way we should proceed?

   fo: suggesting ml a primary concern
   ... also resource identification

   sp: one of the first ml expected coming from what. there are others we want to look at.
   ... specifically, websrt.

   fo: but, before we get to that, what's the ml like within the track?

   sp: ml has gone in to the what spec, also javascript, and how to render
   ... personally, few issues with what what has so far re ml

   fo: believe the resource identification is ok--will be helpful to have spec text soon, esp if for ie9

   sp: currently what in discussion on spec; i've been active there; ian has responded, and i have yet to digest his
   ... we want to see it done right, which means we need to ramp up our work
   ... we need to provide feedback on what we need addressed

   jb: i believe the discussion needs to be happening on w3c lists, not on what, esp as what has not covered a11y

   [pinging sivia! irc to silvia!]

   jb: agrees with silvia that timing is essential issue, but our reqs work has also been essential
   ... it will be helpful to position the main dialog of our work on w3c space, especially as we are coordinating on a11y

   ec: what silvia is talking about is the track selection proposal which only exists in the what wg at this time

   jb: i think it's a broader discussion than that
   ... yes, we need to keep our pace moving forward

   sh: how did the group have a discussion about text. we need to discuss before it goes into the spec. we can't have a
   text mechanism without that discussion.
   ... we need to get a proposal on the floor.

   jb: i think we can achieve that via our issues and proposals.
   ... also, we're looking at ways to adjust the tf process to help streamline this, though can't say more on this at this
   time. the expectation is better process.

   jf: earlier in the year we had proposals in the wiki, we set those aside as we revisited user reqs.
   ... i believe we also ran a wbs against these? not sure ...
   ... it's not that we haven't been there ...

   sp: agree with everything people are saying. problem there is currently no spec text in w3c docs
   ... after next what revision people are likely to start implementing based on what specs
   ... this is why we need to do both.

   jb: so maybe just a few more moments on process, and then we return to the spec text in place
   ... suggest actioning self and janina to timeline getting spec text for us to consider.

   jf: q, what about our 2 earlier proposals? track api, etc, are they up to date?

   ec: text that's in what spec is all based on our docs earlier in the year.
   ... ian working with silvia has refined our earlier work, refining it into spec text
   ... in my opinion he has improved on our start, though it is definitely based on our earlier effort

   sp: exactly.sp: existing text that relates to javascript api and to ml is ok, and should go in.
   ... suggest proposing to integrate into w3c docs so that we can move forward

   <silvia> the sections that should be adopted into the W3C spec are:

   <silvia> * the <track> markup

   <silvia> * the related JavaScript API

   jf: can we ask silvia to do that on email first? so we can first discuss on email?

   <silvia> * the related rendering section

   js: we need to make sure our reqs are not defeated by this spec lang

   jf: yes, so if we have it in our docs, we can take up that discussion.
   ... we need to be very cautious, but also expeditious

   jb: ok with moving building blocks forward. and thanks, frank, for provoking us to move forward. we're in better shape
   on this today than a few months ago!

   jf: so, can we return to the matrix?

   jf: currently four columns -- the bulleted item, it's identifier, the must/shoud/may; and the tech required for it
   ... if we can agree on the content, then we can cross check and make decisions
   ... looking at captioning, which is filled out fairly well, is this the way to go? is this useful?


   jf: ok, taking silence is ascent
   ... so, how to proceed? on call? assigning sections to indivieduals?
   ... what do our engineers think?

   sp: think we should finish then we can start looking at proposed specs, ttml, websrt, etc

   jf: but the question is how to continue with the matrix?
   ... should we just work on the call?

   sp: we should continue on email

   ec: agree on email, and editing wiki, should be most expeditious

   jf: so, we have a list of one word tech identifiers; should we agree a list that we would ascribe? or, am i
   overthinking this.

   ec: not sure.

   js: suggesting a working gloss list up top, so as to be consistent in our identifier usage.

   ec: yes

   jf: suggest starting with the terms already proposed

   [john is reading the current list ...]

   js: do we need to distinguish video vs audio rendering
   ... could be audio.rendering, tts.rendering, video.rendering

   jf: agree distinction between types of rendering is important, and a dictionary list up top will be useful.
   ... looking now for wholesale progress, not the refining points ---- at this time

   <frankolivier> phone trouble; calling back

   js: suggesting even quick and dirty defs in the gloss/dictionary would be helpful

   ec: agree with basic gloss up top

   jf: are there other tech questions we need to discuss now?

   ec: no, without having seen the list, nothing is coming to mind.

   jf: so we have a path, perhaps a short meeting today?

   js: looking to our engineering professionals to take the lead on filling this out

   jb: really think we need commitment, including deadlines on this
   ... perhaps go around the room on this?
   ... if not specific actioning, it won't happen. we're all busy with competing priorities.

   [john raising that question around with our engineers ...]

   ec: don't have much time, and it's impossible for me to commit to particular sections not having seen the matrix, but i
   will spend time on it this week

   sp: eric, suggest picking an area not yet marked up and go for it. i suggest that's how each of us should proceed.
   ... i will do the same.
   ... i'm particularly interested in the qtext format, for instance, but everything needs assessment.

   sh: will take a look at it, but my ability is intermittant at the moment as i'm traveling this weekend.

   jf: so, we've agreed progress in our larger task is facilitated by progress on this matrix, so we need to get this done

   jb: want to ask some additional questions re process moving forward ...
   ... talking re people on the call right now ...
   ... willing to ask others to help

   <silvia> I just had an initial go at a Glossary under the matrix:

   sp: silvia, why am i not surprised! i love your get it done spirit!

   jb: any suggestions for moving other pieces moving forward in parallel, please speak up

   js: will ask kenny johar re struct nav and granularity
   ... also geof freed re dv and captioning
   ... suggest we not go too far afield looking for people to work on this, as it may only add confusion

   sp: jim allen

   jf: i'll ask jim

   sp: we want to wrap this next week, if we can.

   jf: yes

   jb: have we forgotten our mini presentations on formats? websrt, ttml, etc?

   sp: suggest starting with ttml next week, assuming matrix is ready, believe sean was on tap for ttml?

   jb: sean, is that still ok?

   sean, yes

   sean, will take some work between the table being completed and preparing the presentation.

   jf: user reqs have not changed

   sean: but there's this table, i need to work off this table matrix

   js: but what we need is a complete matrix, so the tech column can be sorted, dups removed, and we can build a matrix
   showing what available techs provide, such as ttml, websrt, etc.

   jf: anything else today?

   js: we're done for today

   jf: thanks all

   jb: thanks for the wiki page.

   rrsagent make minutes

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]


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