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Weekly Resolved & Rejected Bugs Report

From: Laura Carlson <laura.lee.carlson@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 17:56:03 -0600
Message-ID: <1c8dbcaa1003301656o2fde4acdi3c38e30f844b2d3f@mail.gmail.com>
To: HTML Accessibility Task Force <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
Hello Everyone,

Since last week's report we have had three WONTFIX bug resolutions and
one FIXED bug resolution. One NEW bug was reported.

It is anticipated that the survey for the CAPTCHA bug will happen
soon, as a draft was presented to Mike Smith over a week ago.

We still need to agree on criteria for applying the "a11yTF" keyword.
It would be good to settle this soon, as it is a blocker for task
force pursuit of items key to our mission.

The details follow.


Bug 9215: "Provide a Webcam example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or
Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives",
reported by Laura Carlson.

Ian's Rationale: "The problem described in the bug description is not
a bug. It's an improvement over HTML4 and will actually improve the
accessibility of content by reducing the number of images that are
called out to the user and making the few that are called out be more
clearly understandable..."

My View: Not fixing this bug will hurt accessibility. Anyone
suggesting not requiring text alternatives should demonstrate that
doing so would be an accessibility improvement.  Mutual dependencies
exist between W3C technical recommendations. Omitting the text
alternative for a WebCam directly contradicts WCAG. What kind of
message would having conflicting guidelines send? Think of that. WCAG
requires text alternatives and that's not likely to change, is it?  If
HTML5 doesn't consider this important enough to require, the spec
might as well state WCAG is not really required either. This Webcam
bug 9215 [1] is symptomatic of the fundamental conflict between
current HTML5 advice and WAI's advice and guidelines regarding text

This Webcam bug directly impacts change proposals for Tracker Issue 31
missing alt [2] as well as Issue 80 title-alternative [3]. It, along
with the rest of the bugs with dependencies on Bug 8716 [4], would
benefit from the collected wisdom of this task force. It is part of an
existing text-alternative change proposal [5].

I recommend that the task force expedite defining "a11ytf" keyword
criteria and determine if this bug is in our work scope or if we will
leave it to the full HTML working group to decide the matter with no
input from us. "A11ytf" keyword criteria has been under discussion and
ideas are being brainstormed and collected on a page in the Wiki. [6]
Standardizing a process to determine "a11ytf" keywords would be

Bug 9081: "Confusing alt text in the fourth The Lady of Shalott
example", reported by Ian Hickson on Steve's text alternative
techniques document.

Steve's Rationale: "I do not consider that the resulting text would be
confusing for users of lynx, for example, users can configure the lynx
browser to turn every image into a link to the image, in this case
your suggestion of alt="" would be far more confusing as it provides
no indication of what the image is..."

My View:  This bug is also symptomatic of the text alternative conflict.

Ian has requested that Bug 9081 be escalated to a HTML Tracker Issue.
It affects Issue 31 missing alt and Steve's Change Proposal which
splits out and modifies parts the img element section of HTML5.

The bug, issue, and change proposal would all benefit from task force
input.  I recommend that the task force expedite defining "a11ytf"
keyword criteria and determine if this is in our work scope.

Bug 9077: "Lady of Shalott example doesn't really enhance the themes
or subject matter of the page content", reported by Ian Hickson on
Steve's text alternative techniques document.

Steve's Rationale: "I find your argument unconvincing. A painting with
the same name as the poem that is described as illustrating the poem,
its subject matter derived from the poem and depicting a scene from a
particular part of the poem, is an image that enhances the theme and
subject matter of a page whose main content is the poem "the lady of

My View: Same as for bug 9081.


Bug 9113: "Re: "axis on td and th elements" text could say "Use the
scope attribute on the relevant th"" reported by Oli Studholm.
Editor's rationale: Accepted.

My View: Task force members who are interested verify that the fix
corrects the problem. The spec revision is at:


Bug 9326: "HTML elements mapping to ARIA and A11y APIs", reported by
Cynthia Shelly.

Background info: Since all HTML Issues concerning the mapping of ARIA
have been CLOSED, and the topic no longer blocks HTML5 going to last
call, 9326 deescalates ARIA to bug status. At the March 25 HTML
teleconference [7], the HTML Chairs created an action [8] to have a
bug created for Steve's old HTML Action 138 [9]. Maciej had unbound
Action 138 [10] [11] from HTML ISSUE 35 [12] when he CLOSED that
issue. CLOSED issues become an ENDPOINT in the escalation process.
However, I noticed a "proposal" component [13] has been added to
Bugzilla. I'm not sure how that is going to work. Maybe it is for new
features? At the teleconference, Cynthia mentioned that she considers
ARIA more of a feature than a bug. Paul said, "sometimes, LC aren't
feature complete indeed. so it would be best if we were feature
complete and stable but that's a decision for the WG." [7]

My View: Even though the comprehensive topic of ARIA mapping is no
longer a HTML ISSUE, this bug is an excellent contender for adding the
"a11ytf" keyword.

I recommend that we expedite defining "a11ytf" keywords criteria so
Cynthia knows if the task force can officially work on this item or if
she has to go it alone (as has been the case with the text alternative
bugs for Bug 8716 [14]). Currently not having the "a11ytf" keyword
designation blocks the task force from officially working on bugs key
to the task force mission. "A11ytf" keyword criteria is currently
under discussion [16].

Perhaps Paul or Maciej can give more details of how the proposal
component of Bugzilla will work and if this bug should be placed


Hopefully the survey for the CAPTCHA bug will happen soon. A draft was
delivered to Mike on March 21 [17] [18]. The target time frame to go
live was the end of last week.

Mike, do you need any more help with this? Is there anything else I
can do to help move this forward?


We still need to agree on criteria for applying the "a11yTF" keyword.
It would be good to settle this soon as this is a blocker for the task
force pursuit of items key to our mission (i.e. ARIA, Text

The March 18, 2010 teleconference minutes indicated that a non trivial
cost exists to tagging bugs "a11ytf" and that the task force needs to
agree on criteria for our decisions to take on bugs. A Wiki page
brainstorms ideas [19] begun in the email "Criteria for 'a11yTF'
keyword application". [20]

We currently have twenty-two HTML Spec bugs awaiting task force
decision. [21] Ian Hickson is editor of that document.

We currently have four Bugs on Document "HTML5: Techniques for
providing useful text alternatives Bugs" awaiting task force decision.
[22] Steve Faulkner is editor of that document.

We currently have four bugs that I am aware of that have Keyword
"a11ytf" applied with no approval from the task force:


WONTFIX BUG 9215 References:

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NEW BUG 9326 References:

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CAPTCHA References:

[17] http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/CAPTCHA_Survey
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[19] http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Bugs/KeywordCriteria
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[22]  http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Bugs#Text_Alternatives_Techniques_Bugs_Awaiting_A11yTF_Decision

Initial Set of "A11y" Bugs which Were Determined to Have the "A11yTF"
Keyword Applied to Them - January 2009.

Initial Set of "A11y" Bugs which Were Determined Not to Have the
"A11yTF" Keyword Applied to Them - January 2009.


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Accessibility Change Proposal Status Table:

Best Regards,
Laura L. Carlson
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