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Re: FW: CHANGE PROPOSAL: Table Summary

From: aurélien levy <aurelien.levy@free.fr>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 19:02:21 +0100
Message-ID: <4B05882D.3030800@free.fr>
CC: "public-html-a11y@w3.org" <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
> Changes from the last draft include
> ...
> 3)      Changed visual user agents MUST NOT render summary to SHOULD 
> NOT render summary, based on feedback from Kelly Ford and Laura Carlson
I'm a bit concerned about this one. I perfectly agree that "should not" 
is more politically correct but at the same time it open a door for web 
browser manufacturer to choose between render it or not. This open door 
can lead to some differences between browser who may be confusing for 
users and even for creators regarding the "WSYIWYG authoring tools 
*SHOULD* render it visually" sentence.

Best regards,

A. Levy
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