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Fwd: 2013 NUFO Annual Meeting - Registration is now open

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Please consider attending NUFO in June if you're interested in data, the
web, and user science facilities. Registration is now open and the location
this year is hard to beat.


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Subject: 2013 NUFO Annual Meeting - Registration is now open
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*2013 National User Facility Organization (NUFO) Annual Meeting
Berkeley, California
June 19-21, 2013*

Please join us on June 19-21 for the 2013 NUFO Annual Meeting, which will
be held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California and
hosted jointly by the six user facilities at LBNL: the Advanced Light
Source, The Molecular Foundry, the Joint Genome Institute, the National
Center for Electron Microscopy, ESNet and NERSC.

User representatives, user administrators, NUFO general members, friends of
NUFO, facility communications and business managers, and others interested
in scientific user facilities are invited to attend this meeting. We also
encourage NUFO members to invite other individuals from their institutions
or user communities who would be interested and/or benefit from this

There will be breakout sessions to interact with colleagues and share best
practices  as well as plenary talks focused on the theme 'The Future of
Scientific Data: Strategies for Facilities."   As the nation's user science
facilities become an increasingly interconnected set of discovery
capabilities, we discuss the wide-ranging ways in which data comes to the
forefront of facility priorities.  In-depth discussions of best practices
for facilities involved in big data, data archiving and stewardship, or who
should provide data services to the public will take place in breakout
sessions; also included will be plenary sessions with talks by data science
experts.  NUFO hopes one of the meeting outcomes will be the
identification/development of user-data strategies that will allow
facilities to enable new science as well as improve how facilities leverage
their own operational data.

A year-in-review update, NUFO business topics, and reports from the NUFO
Working Groups will also be included on the agenda.

 For more information, and to register, please go to the meeting web site:


Please note: there is a registration fee to attend this meeting ($100). If
you work at a national laboratory please put your name in the conference
approval process to ensure that you will be able to attend this meeting.

For more information on NUFO, see http://nufo.org

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Sue Bailey
On behalf of the LBNL organizing committee and the NUFO steering committee.
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