RE: EME At Risk Features

I suggest the first two items be combined as "The "persistent-usage-record"<> session type and the related MediaKeySession destroyed<> algorithm."


From: Jerry Smith (WPT)
Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 4:49 PM
To: Paul Cotton <>
Cc: David Dorwin <>; Mark Watson ( <>; Matt Wolenetz <>
Subject: EME At Risk Features

The EME At Risk PR has been completed and merge.  It's in the latest editor's draft:

The following features are at risk and may be removed:

*        The "persistent-usage-record"<> session type.

*        The MediaKeySession destroyed<> algorithm.

*        Setting the media element's readyState<> value based on key availability in the Queue a "waitingforkey" Event<> and Attempt to Resume Playback If Necessary<> algorithms.

*        Support for insecure contexts, including the Are insecure contexts allowed?<> algorithm and steps that call it.
The first two of these are secure release.


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