Re: Clinical part of HCLS demo

Hi Eric and Alan,

Eric wrote:

> Here is a draft for a possible clinical angle to the HCLS demo...

> 1. Extend PD/AD demo to include clinical study data from patients, using DSE's draft RDF model based on CDISC's SDTM standard:

> 2. Compile patient data for either:
    a. disease progression - base on symptomatic terminology such as EOAD or MCI for AD, and tremor, hyperkinetic dysarthia, or bradykinesia for PD 
or b. new drug trial - dosing, symptomatic response patterns over time + any observed adverse events (AE)

Would of course be nice if this could be done. However, I do think we have a couple of issues to clarify first around our early attempts to encode clinical data using RDF and keeping us align with the fundamentals behind CDISC model for submission of clinical data. See

Kind regards

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