Clinical part of HCLS demo


Here is a draft for a possible clinical angle to the HCLS demo...

1. Extend PD/AD demo to include clinical study data from patients, using DSE's draft RDF model based on CDISC's SDTM standard:

2. Compile patient data for either:
    a. disease progression - base on symptomatic terminology such as EOAD or MCI for AD, and tremor, hyperkinetic dysarthia, or bradykinesia for PD 
or b. new drug trial - dosing, symptomatic response patterns over time + any observed adverse events (AE)

3. If drug trial, then links to PubChem drug information would be useful:
  - for AD:  Cognex, (images-
  - for PD: Cogentin,
     or Piribedil,

4. Use either set of data to show trends using a simple graph visualization (generic table to graph tool?)


Received on Saturday, 17 February 2007 21:51:19 UTC