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[hb-secure-services CG] minutes of workshop, day 2 GALINDO Virginie (Wednesday, 27 April)

Draft minutes of today's workshop GALINDO Virginie (Tuesday, 26 April)

Our workshop details today (starting now) GALINDO Virginie (Tuesday, 26 April)

Our worshop tomorrow in london GALINDO Virginie (Monday, 25 April)

Introduction Andrei Sambra (Friday, 22 April)

[hb secure services CG] about next week workshop : attendees GALINDO Virginie (Friday, 22 April)

[HB-secure services CG] informal chair take away from our call GALINDO Virginie (Thursday, 21 April)

[hardware based secure services] conference ID GALINDO Virginie (Thursday, 21 April)

[hardware based secure services CG] our irc details GALINDO Virginie (Thursday, 21 April)

[Hardware Based Secure Services IG] some topics to discuss GALINDO Virginie (Wednesday, 20 April)

Lets kick off the CG a call on thursday 21 April @ 13:00 UTC GALINDO Virginie (Monday, 18 April)

Welcome in the hardware based secure services ! GALINDO Virginie (Tuesday, 12 April)

CG Working Meeting, 26-27 April, London, UK [via Hardware Based Secure Services Community Group] W3C Community Development Team (Friday, 8 April)

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