Re: [Hardware Based Secure Services IG] some topics to discuss

Dear Virginie, all,

Unfortunately, I can't attend either the conf call tomorrow (I'm in
another call), nor the workshop in London (I will be in Singapore),
though a colleague may be able to attend.

I think I'm coming at this from a slightly different direction to the
rest of you - which I hope is a good thing and which is why I joined the
Community Group.

My interest is in the digital hardware implementation of security
functions: PUFs, physical detection of attacks (anomaly detection),
hardware trojans etc. I don't, however, really want to get into crypto
hardware per se, as that's already an extremely busy area. Defending
such h/w against side-channel attacks is, however, relevant.

The reason I'm interested in this Community Group is that there seems to
be a lot of work on, say, PUFs but without real thought as to use cases.
On the other side, I'm not quite sure what you mean by a hardware token
- is it a hardware implementation of a software algorithm/key/identity,
or is it something that is unique and specific to one instance of a chip
or an IoT mote? I realise that details of the actual h/w implementation
are out of the scope of the WG, which is fair enough and not my point.
What is relevant, however, is understanding what h/w based security can
deliver and conversely, what h/w designers should be trying to achieve.

I'm not sure how this fits into the conversation, but I hope it's useful.

Best wishes


On 20/04/2016 10:52, GALINDO Virginie wrote:
> Dear all,
> I put together a list of topics we should discuss in the Community Group.
> This list is based on the different discussions I had in the last two
> years around the integration of secure services and is available here :
> Please do not hesitate to enrich, challenge, improve by commenting on
> this list.
> Regards,
> Virginie
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