Linked-in to support hResume

First step, microformats, next step GRDDL

This weekend Linked-in will add hResume[6] to all 8 million of their
public resume pages.[1,2]

They already have your private contact list marked-up with hCards. It
is not visible, but with a plugin like Operator[3] or Tails[4] you can
easily see them.

Is there an RDF representation of a Resume? I know of the XML-Resume[5]

For those who don't know hResume is basically, a set of speciallized
hCalendar events representing education time-frames and experience
time-frames. Companies are marked-up with hCard. So there is a lot of
overlap in iCalendar and vCard with hResume.


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brian suda

Received on Monday, 22 January 2007 21:40:23 UTC